We have received more positive remarks regarding volunteers than ANY aspect of this event! We hope to keep it that way. We credit the Dunedin Rotary Club for that enthusiasm and all of the great groups that we love and know and support us. Among the friends of our hard working Rotarians are youth teams from Dunedin High School with a special note the the very helpful DHS Wrestlers, The Palm Harbor University High Cross Country team, employees and volunteers from the City of Dunedin, The St. Pete Mad Dogs Triathlon Club and enthusiasts to multi sport racing. Rotary has a motto, "Service Above Self." Our volunteers give credence to this term.

If you volunteer for this event, you are a cheerleader. Each an every athlete races for their own personal reason. Everyone out there attempting to reach the finish line is a winner. It becomes your job to get them there. Don't let them down. Appropriate things to holler at the athletes would be…WAY TO GO HOTTIE, YOU LOOK LIKE LANCE ARMSTRONG, or YOURE AMAZING CAN I HAVE YOUR NUMBER?!? (Trust me they won't come back for it). Sign up to volunteer:

Though we plan to have aid and refreshment for you not all areas of the course can easily be reached. Therefore, we ask that you bring sunscreen and a hat or visor for shade, water and a quick snack for yourself. Please inform your course manager if you leave your post unless it's an emergency where you need to leave or we will have EMS on site to assist you. Our volunteers get the same respect as our athletes or any participant of this event. We want you to be comfortable and have a great race!

For more information please email